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Easter Egg SUncatcher

Materials You Need:

  • Tissue paper (various colors, cut into small pieces)

  • Clear contact paper

  • Scissors

  • Construction paper (preferably black or any dark color for contrast)

  • Ribbon or string for hanging


Prepare the Egg Frame: Cut an egg shape out of the construction paper. This will be your suncatcher's frame. Make sure to cut out the inside of the egg, leaving about an inch of border all around.

Cut and Arrange Tissue Paper: Take the small pieces of colored tissue paper and get ready to place them on the contact paper.

Contact Paper Base: Cut a piece of clear contact paper, slightly larger than your egg frame. Peel off the backing and lay it sticky side up.

Create Your Design: Stick the tissue paper pieces onto the contact paper, overlapping them slightly to create a stained glass effect. Feel free to get creative with the colors and patterns!

Seal the Suncatcher: Once your design is complete, place another piece of clear contact paper over the top, sticky side down, to seal in the tissue paper. Smooth out any bubbles.

Attach the Egg Frame: Now, place your egg frame over the top of your tissue-covered contact paper. Trim any excess contact paper from around the edges.

Final Touches: Punch a hole at the top of your egg and thread a piece of ribbon or string through it for hanging.

Enjoy the Sunshine: Hang your Easter Egg Suncatcher in a window and watch as it catches the light and brightens up the room!

easter egg suncatcher.webp
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